Picayune man charged after alluding to movie theater shooting

Picayune man charged after alluding to movie theater shooting

Pearl River County, MS (WDAM) - A Picayune man has been charged with making terroristic threats after alluding to carrying out a movie theater shooting in a voice mail left for a WDAM-TV employee.

Wayne C. Torres was arrested by the Pearl River County Sheriff's Department early Wednesday morning.

Torres called WDAM-TV Tuesday afternoon around 4 p.m. He left the following voice mail:

"Uh hello. I wanted to talk to somebody.I don't want to give my name or number or anything. Um I'm homicidal, suicidal. I been getting help for the last 10 years. Now, everybody decides to cut you off.  Mental health don't want to help you anymore. Medicaid don't want to help you anymore, and I just wanted to find out if you wanted to talk to somebody to find out why they do what they do when they go to these theaters and shoot up people.Apparently, it's not that important. So, uh, I was hoping to give you the insight before it happens. Alright. Thanks."

Making terroristic threats is a felony charge. Chief Shane Tucker said the department took the threat very seriously.

"In light of the recent movie theater shootings as well as the recruiting station in Chattanooga, certainly the threat of violence in our nation is...we're on heightened alert," he said. "We sincerely felt that this was something that could develop into that."

Tucker said the department is trained for all kinds of situations, but said he hasn't dealt with one like this until last night.

"Yeah, no. We haven't had one of this nature up until last night," he said. "This isn't something that happens everyday. I mean all of these types of threats and the fact that they're carried out in different areas of the country is all relatively new, aside from the school shootings."

Torres has been arrested previously for two simple assault charges, residential burglary, vandalism and probation violations.

As of Wednesday morning, his standing with the Mississippi Department of Corrections is "on post release probation."

You can listen to the full voice mail in the video above.