Coaches help football players beat the summer heat

Coaches help football players beat the summer heat

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - With school back in session, football teams are kicking into high gear ahead of the new season, but a major concern for football players is heat exhaustion.

Hattiesburg High School Football Coach Tony Vance said monitoring the heat and keeping players hydrated is important in keeping players safe.

“When they think they need water they go, even when they don't think they need water we tale frequent breaks and force them to drink water. We have a great group of managers that carry water bottles from station to station,” Vance said.

Athletic trainer Jeff Bryant said drinking plenty of water is also important.

"If it gets to above a certain heat index we going to try to remove our helmets take more water breaks get up underneath the shade of the stadium if we can and wait for a cooler time period during the day," Bryant said.