VIRAL VIDEO: Mississippi man sings his order at McDonalds

VIRAL VIDEO: Mississippi man sings his order at McDonalds

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A Hattiesburg native decided to put a musical twist to a drive-thru window order in this viral video.

Chase Carter used his silky smooth voice to sing his order through the speaker at McDonald's. He says his friend Michael Sykes filmed the video, and encouraged Carter to try singing his order.

"Yeah I was there doing a type of creative inspiration I guess you could say," Sykes said.

Carter said, "We were just riding around like, 'man, I'm hungry,' and he was like 'man, you need to start singing more. You should just do it. I mean put your talent out there and let more people see that you can sing.' And he was like 'let's just go through the drive thru, and how about singing your order to McDonald's? That could be a start.' I was like, man I'm not doing that."

Carter said he and Sykes came up with the opening line before ordering, but free-styled the rest of the order.

"We were really ordering food, but that how we went from there, just basically singing the order," Carter said.

His improvised lyrics are hysterical, even making the employee giggle a few times.

"Even the girls working at the drive thru went along with it," Carter said. "I mean, they were shocked to hear somebody do it, and they weren't upset about it. So I kept going with it."

Sykes said, " It was shocking to me because I didn't think he would actually go through with it. And then he shocked me even further by doing it, and the reaction off of the workers. It was just great to see.him break out of his shell, which is the most important thing  I always stress to him."

This isn't the first time Carter has tried singing through the drive thru. He was surrounded by music growing up, and is now looking to get his sound out there as he starts to take his music more seriously.

"I come from a musical background," Carter said. "My mom, Angela Carter, she actually just got off tour, gospel tour, in Spain. My father, Charles Carter, a lot of people know. The one man show. And my brother, Chris Carter, he's a writer, producer, rapper who stays in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. So yeah, very musical, talented background."

Carter said he just released a new single, and there's more music on the way.

"You can expect a different flavor I can say that much," Carter said. "With my dad being soul and blues, and I mean, I have a mix up of R&B, soul. You know, just laid back, friendly music for everybody to enjoy."

Sykes said he's excited to see his friend finally getting recognition for his talent.

Needless to say, we believe you will enjoy this video as much as the woman behind the speaker did.

"I mean, it'll go this far, you never know how much further it will go," Carter said

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