Hattiesburg council tables, updates to pay scales

Hattiesburg council tables, updates to pay scales

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Hattiesburg City Council tabled an item that would approve or deny the updates to the city's pay scales.

This is the second time the item has been tabled since it was introduced last month. The pay scales fall under what is referred to as the city's HAVPAY ordinance, and the attachments that lay out the scales have not been updated, according to city records, since 2008.

A wage consultant with Craft Consulting was scheduled to present his review of the past and present scales to the council Monday, but a document needed from the Hattiesburg Fire Department delayed that presentation. The city council wanted to wait until that presentation was made before voting on the scales, which set the pay rates for city employees.

Several members of the Hattiesburg Fire Department have attended recent council meetings, with one speaking publicly about his allegations that the outdated scales have caused him to miss out on nearly $30,000 in pay. The city's human resources director denied these claims in a civil service board meeting in June.

City clerk Kermas Eaton said Monday he expected the wage consultant to present his review of the scales to the council at the next council meeting on Aug. 17.