TRIAD AmeriCorps Project receives continued funding

TRIAD AmeriCorps Project receives continued funding

This is a news release from the University of Southern Mississippi

TRIAD AmeriCorps members have been serving people with disabilities in the greater Hattiesburg area community for a year by providing economically disadvantage adults with financial training activities.

With continued funding from Volunteer Mississippi, TRIAD members will undertake a new year-long community service mission—health education and physical activity opportunities for middle school students with and without disabilities.

TRIAD, a project of the Institute for Disability Studies (IDS) at The University of Southern Mississippi, currently has 33 members. Members are young adults with and without disabilities, including some Southern Miss students. TRIAD is an inclusive AmeriCorps project comprised of members with and without disabilities.

"This is an exciting opportunity for our members to become physically active and develop healthy lifestyles," said Jin Joo M. Crosby, coordinator of volunteer and transition employment services for TRIAD. "We are looking forward to working with our local school districts in Hattiesburg and Petal and Lamar, Harrison and Hancock counties to strengthen health education for youth with disabilities."

TRIAD AmeriCorps members will be going into the partnering school districts to train youth with disabilities on clear exercise and nutritional goals.  Using the HealthMatters curriculum, the program will incorporate the principles of choice, self-determination, self-efficacy, self-advocacy, rights, and responsibilities. The program will also include learning practical exercise routine, identifying foods that make up a well-balanced diet, locating places to exercise and improving self-advocacy skills to promote good choices in staying healthy.  We are currently looking for full-time members to serve on our Hattiesburg campus and Long Beach campus.

The new funding will allow for an additional 3 member slots. Depending on their positions, these 36 AmeriCorps members work in the community 25 to 40 hours a week. Full-time positions are available for 1,700 hours of service. The annual living allowance is $12,530 ($1,044.17 monthly). An education award of $5,730 is available along with health care benefits and childcare assistance.

For more information about TRIAD AmeriCorps, contact Jin Joo M. Crosby 601.266.6037

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