Entergy Mississippi funds scholar graduate assistant at Southern Miss

Entergy Mississippi funds scholar graduate assistant at Southern Miss

This is a news release from University of Southern Mississippi

Entergy Mississippi, Inc. has funded a two-year Entergy Scholar Graduate Assistant position in The University of Southern Mississippi College of Business to conduct economic development research for the counties served by Entergy in Mississippi.

A student selected from the Master of Science of Economic Development program will assist Entergy Mississippi's Business Development Team in conducting research that will help the company's economic development efforts to attract new businesses and support expansion of existing industries.

"Southern Miss has had a great relationship with the power companies working on economic development issues across the state," said Dr. Chad Miller, associate professor in the Department of Economic Development and Tourism at Southern Miss.  "This new Entergy-funded graduate assistant will allow us to provide rural communities, where there often is not a professional economic developer, with the knowledge these communities need to make data-driven decisions to improve their economies."

Miller, who also serves as coordinator of the Master of Science of Economic Development program, notes that Entergy officials are conducting interviews at this time to determine the scholar graduate assistant recipient.

A subsidiary of Entergy Corporation, Entergy Mississippi, Inc. is the largest private utility in the state and covers 45 of the state's 82 counties, most of the western part of the state.

"This partnership with USM will expand Entergy Mississippi's ability to assist the communities we serve. By tapping into the University's outstanding research and analysis capabilities, we can help strengthen Mississippi's competitiveness in attracting new industry, investment and jobs," said John Arledge, Entergy Mississippi's Vice President of Public Affairs.

The Entergy scholar will be housed in the Trent Lott National Center for Excellence in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship and have access to the research capabilities of Southern Miss and Entergy to provide the information needed for data-driven economic development.

Examples of the type of projects that the graduate assistant will be working on include workforce analysis, impact studies, feasibility studies and community analysis.

Communities interested in learning more about how the Entergy scholar can help them should contact Miller at chad.r.miller@usm.edu or David Rose, Entergy Analyst at drose1@entergy.com.

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