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Joe's Viewpoint: The dangers of prescription drugs

Joe Sciortino Joe Sciortino

The danger of prescription drugs is the subject of today’s editorial. Unintended prescription drug abuse has been on the rise and it might be a surprise to hear where. Many of us visualize a drug addict as someone who lives on the streets with limited income and a questionable character.  However, that is not where health professionals are finding rising drug abuse. Many older parents or grandparents, yes the baby boomers, are in a battle with prescription drugs. I spoke with Russ Rainey, Director of the Legacy Program at Pine Grove, to ask why.

He told me that many of these cases involve people who did not plan to get into this situation. They got addicted after being prescribed the medication by a doctor. In extreme cases, it has led to other opiates like heroin. If you suspect that a family member has an addiction and would like more information, call Pine Grove at 1-888-574-HOPE.

This is today’s viewpoint.

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