Jury reaches verdict in Jones County manslaughter trial

Day three of a manslaughter trial continues in Jones County.
Day three of a manslaughter trial continues in Jones County.

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The jury has reached a verdict in the manslaughter case against two 17-year-old Jones County boys.

After just two hours of deliberation, the jury found both Alex Crews and Timothy Meadows guilty of manslaughter in the death of Timothy Williamson.

Both were sentenced to 20 years in prison, with 15 to serve.

The jury said that the case was a crime of passion.

Day one of the trial:

The trial of two teenagers accused of killing a Moselle man began Wednesday afternoon in Ellisville.

Alex Crews and Timothy Meadows, both 17, are accused of killing 44-year-old Timothy Williamson in August 2014.

Authorities said both teens got into an altercation with Williamson on River Road near the Leaf River in Jones County.

When deputies arrived at the scene, they found Williamson unresponsive and later pronounced dead. Crews and Meadows were taken into custody and taken to Jones County Jail.

According to opening remarks, the trial is expected to cover what led up to the killing of Williamson. The defense is alleging that the teens were defending themselves from Williamson's attacks. The state is putting forth that the teens had been drinking before the altercation and that they jumped Williamson before choking and beating him to death.

Day two of the trial: 

The manslaughter trial of two Jones County teenagers accused of killing a Moselle man last August entered it's second day in Ellisville Circuit Court Thursday.

Today's testimony included dash cam video from a deputy's patrol car, which showed a chaotic scene as it arrived at the location. Deputy Sonny Jeffcoat can be seen administering CPR on the victim.

The jury was shown a series photographs depicting the teens as they appeared at the time of the crime and a forensic pathologist gave testimony as to Williamson's cause of death.

The State is putting forth that the two teens had been drinking which resulted in the confrontation with Williamson. The defense is stating that the teens were merely defending themselves from Williamson's attacks.

Updates will continue as the trial progresses.

Day three of the trial:

The manslaughter trial of Timothy Williamson enters its third day, which saw emotional testimony from Cindy Craney.

Craney is the mother of Alex Crews.

According to Craney, the two teens, Alex and Timothy Meadows, were only protecting her from Williamson's attacks.

The defense put forth that Williamson, a former enforcer for the Aryan Brotherhood, was prone to violence. They argued that the attack on Cindy Craney led to the two 17-year old boys coming to her defense. 

The state alleged that the killing of Williamson was the result of a day of drinking by the teens, who were intoxicated. They argued that the teens jumped Williamson as he attempted to leave after arguing with Craney.

The state alleged that the two teens pulled Williamson out of the truck and began to choke and beat him to death.

Both Crews and Meadows took to the stand in their own defense, stating that they were simply trying to get the keys out of the truck, and were not trying to hurt Timothy Williamson. They said that he began punching them, which led to the fight outside the truck.

The prosecution countered by saying that Timothy Williamson was merely trying to get away from the rest of the group.

After the argument between he and Craney ended, the boys pulled him from the truck where the fight escalated. The prosecution argued that this led to the two teens beating Williamson to death.

The state and defense rested Friday afternoon, and the case was given to the jury around 5 p.m.