Day Two: Evidence entered in manslaughter trial

Day Two: Evidence entered in manslaughter trial

ELLISVILLE, MS (WDAM) - The manslaughter trial of two Jones County teenagers accused of killing a Moselle man last August entered it's second day in Ellisville Circuit Court Thursday.

Today's testimony included dash cam video from a deputy's patrol car, which showed a chaotic scene as it arrived at the location. Deputy Sonny Jeffcoat can be seen administering CPR on the victim.

The jury was shown a series photographs depicting the teens as they appeared at the time of the crime and a forensic pathologist gave testimony as to Williamson's cause of death.

The State is putting forth that the two teens had been drinking which resulted in the confrontation with Williamson. The defense is stating that the teens were merely defending themselves from Williamson's attacks.

Updates will continue as the trial progresses.

Day 1

The trial of two teenagers accused of killing a Moselle man began Wednesday afternoon in Ellisville.

Alex Crews and Timothy Meadows, both 17, are accused of killing 44-year-old Timothy Williamson in August 2014.

Authorities said both teens got into an altercation with Williamson on River Road near the Leaf River in Jones County.

When deputies arrived at the scene, they found Williamson unresponsive and later pronounced dead. Crews and Meadows were taken into custody and taken to Jones County Jail.

According to opening remarks, the trial is expected to cover what led up to the killing of Williamson. The defense is alleging that the teens were defending themselves from Williamson's attacks. The state is putting forth that the teens had been drinking before the altercation and that they jumped Williamson before choking and beating him to death.