Education, taxes on minds of Neshoba fairgoers

Education, taxes on minds of Neshoba fairgoers

NESHOBA COUNTY, MS - The 126th annual Neshoba County Fair is underway in its usual hot fashion.

What could be hotter than the 107 degree heat index at the fairgrounds? The political speeches that are set to begin Wednesday morning.

Recent events like the state and Confederate flag controversy, or the recently heated state auditor race, or the ongoing debate of how to best fund Mississippi's public schools are all expected to be discussed in some fashion this week at the fair.

The voters we spoke with outside the now-quiet pavilion want to hear candidates' stance on a number of issues, both topical and long term.

"(I) heard some rumblings about a mileage (gas) tax like some of the other states are doing, so anything about that would be interesting to find out," voter John Henry said.

Another voter, Michael McDonald, wants to hear candidates give a plan for those who could shape the future of the state.

"I would like our politicians to tell us how they're going to keep our youth that are graduating from college in Mississippi with good paying, quality jobs," he said.

Another voter said she was concerned with how the state would fund education, pointing out that she had mixed feelings between Initiative 42 and the legislative alternative, which are plans to fund education through the Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP).

And some voters, like Sam Mars, just want the candidates to follow through on promises.

"I'd like to hear politicians voicing real opinions about real issues instead of just beating around the bush and trying to give an opinion that appeals to everyone," Mars said. "Speak their mind and say what they really believe in."

Statewide candidates begin stump speeches Wednesday morning, and Seven On Your Side will cover the fair through Friday.

For a full list of the political speaking schedule, click here.