Blood Bowl Bash kicks off in Laurel, Hattiesburg

Blood Bowl Bash kicks off in Laurel, Hattiesburg

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - United Blood Services and WDAM's Blood Bowl Bash commenced Tuesday in Laurel and Hattiesburg.

The third annual event had a great turnout in both cities. The blood donations are said to help UBS a lot, especially during the summer months.

"We lose about twenty percent of our donors in the summer time because the high school and colleges are closed," UBS Mary Archdale said. "We lose those donors, but the need for blood doesn't change."

All donors became heroes on Tuesday and the event certainly helped save someone's life.

"As we go into August, everyone's getting their kids ready to go back to school and that focus is just not on blood donations," Archdale said. "Having something like this at the end of July is just critically important to us."

The Blood Bowl Bash will continue Thursday in Collins, Wiggins, Columbia and Waynesboro.