INTERACTIVE: Most Sexually Diseased Cities in the USA

INTERACTIVE: Most Sexually Diseased Cities in the USA

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Mississippians normally top the list for sexually transmitted diseases, but a new study by says otherwise.

The website compiled a list of sexually transmitted diseases contracted in major cities throughout the country. According to their findings, cities with a military bases ranked higher than other cities. Here is how they compiled the data.

According to, the top 10 most sexually diseased cities are:

Top 10 Most Sexually Diseased Cities
RankCityTotal STDsTotal STDs per 100,000
1Montgomery, AL43711899.20
2St. Louis, MO59421867.54
3West Memphis, AR (Part of the Memphis Metro)8591717.29
4Philadephia, PA261511689.77
5Norfolk, VA (Norfolk Naval Base)40131632.74
6Baltimore, MD101341630.98
7Richmond, VA32481544.39
8New Orleans, LA56141520.37
9Killeen, TX (Ft. Hood)48871512.83
10Fayetteville, NC (Ft. Bragg)48261489.2

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