Throwing Shade Part Two: Johnny DuPree's rebuttal

Throwing Shade Part Two: Johnny DuPree's rebuttal

Karrie Leggett Brown spoke with Mayor DuPree, who had a few zingers up his sleeve as well.

DuPree, who was called old by Magee, rolled his way into United Blood services in a wheel chair, hoisting something Laurel holds dear to their hearts...The Little Brown Jug.

The Little Brown Jug is an age-old tradition, and serves as the trophy won between the Hattiesburg and Laurel high school football teams when they play annually.

DuPree slammed down his gold card, only something someone who gives copious amounts of blood can receive, and invited Laurel residents to give blood in Hattiesburg.

"If you show up, I might even let you touch the jug," said DuPree.

Also, Karrie kinda dissed Vanessa, too. She called her out on her fancy office lie by calling her out on at her teeny tiny corner desk.

Things are obviously heating up, but keep in mind this is all for a good cause.

The bash starts on July 28 in Hattiesburg at C-spire and in Laurel at the Cameron Center.

Other locations include Collins at First Baptist Church Collins, Columbia at the Columbia Police Department, Waynesboro at the Wayne County Library, and Wiggins at C-spire on July 30.

Who do you think will win? Sound off below, or tweet us with the hashtag #TeamLaurel or #TeamHattiesburg!