Laurel native in new Woody Allen movie Irrational Man

Laurel native in new Woody Allen movie Irrational Man

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Lynda and Chris Posey said they'll never get used to seeing their daughter, actress Parker Posey, in major movies and TV shows.

"It's crazy," Chris said. "You'll be sitting there, turn the TV on a different station and there she is, or you hear her voice."

The Laurel native is starring in Woody Allen's "Irrational Man," which her parents say is her biggest role in the last 10 years.  Posey stars alongside Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone in the film, which comes out Friday.

Lynda said Parker grew up learning how to handle everyday situations by acting them out.

"We'd always do scenes with her," she said. "We would always talk about how this would play out and that would play out and how to talk to strangers. We always did a lot of play acting."

Parker initially wanted to be a ballerina. She attended summer sessions at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, but didn't make it into the company when she auditioned. Her dad called the dean after receiving the rejection letter, and that set the course for her new career.

"He said 'that little brown-eyed girl from Mississippi?' I said 'yeah.' He said 'she should be an actress.'"

Both parents said she took the change in stride, and think that attitude has helped her navigate the sometimes harsh entertainment world.

"You hear rejection everyday," Lynda said. "And she'll say, 'I was just not right for the part. They were looking for someone else.' Where I would be crying my eyes out."

Both parents said they used to play "positive tapes" for Parker and her twin brother to encourage them to follow their passions.

"It was all positive thinking, you know, you can do what you want to do," Chris said. "I'd have been perfectly happy with Parker answering the phone at my dealership and having about six children. That didn't happen."

Even with the fame and notoriety surrounding Parker and the new film, Lynda said she couldn't be prouder of her daughter's character.

"All this advertising started coming out, and it was Parker Posey, Parker Posey, Parker Posey," she said. "We were delighted, but I admire her more for not compromising."

Chris and Lynda said they have finally taken the advice they've given their children and started  following their passions. Lynda has started an organic garden at a Laurel school and Chris has started Prostate Cancer and Vietnam Veteran support groups in Laurel.