Laurel officials review food truck operations

Laurel officials review food truck operations

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - The city of Laurel now has a food truck, Back Road Bistro. According to city officials, it is the first one they have had to give a permit to in a few years.

"It was certified by the health department," city of Laurel Superintendent of Inspection Daniel Hayes said. "We actually allowed them to operate on the basis that they would operate on locations by permission of the owner of that location and we've kind of confined them to industrial locations."

Hayes said the city's transit vendor ordinance is very unclear when it comes to prepared food.

"We allowed this one basically because of the gray area," Hayes said. "It's unlikely that we would approve another based on the timeline that we're working toward to try to get a definite ordinance in place that gives us clearly defined regulations."

For now, Back Road Bistro has a permit to operate until September.

"All we want to do is find a little 'nook' for ourselves and set up and serve food and make a living," chef and owner of Back Road Bistro Justin Round said.

Chefs Justin and Eric, along with Candace, work at the food truck, which is currently located on Industrial and Ellisville Blvd.

"I just stay right down the street and I decided to stop by and check them out," said a new customer.

"The food truck specializes in sandwiches like 'The Castro Nom', 'The Big Jus' and 'The Mother Clucker'.

"We're having so much fun," Hayes said. "We really can't wait till business gets better. I really feel like we've got something to bring to the city of Laurel."

City officials said the food truck will be able to renew their permit for another three months. Any other regulations on the ordinance will have to come from city council members and the mayor.

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