Four ideas to spice up your kid's lunch box

Four ideas to spice up your kid's lunch box

The cookie-cutter sandwich:

Turn the ordinary PB & J into a flower or heart-shaped sandwich.

This blog shows gives you helpful tips on everything from which cookie cutters to use to selecting the right bread.

Helpful hints:

-Say hello to perfect shapes!

Use Wilton Comfort grip cookie cutters: Made of stainless steel and thicker than the average ones, these cookie cutters are perfect for slicing through bread without destroying the sandwich.

-It is advised to use larger sliced bread and lightly toasted bread is also preferred if you want a desired shape.

For more tips, visit the blog here.

The Healthy School Lunch: over 2,000 combinations

Handmade Mood blog gives a great list of foods to add and swap to your child's lunch. The blog divides the foods into three lists: entree, side dish and dessert. Not only are most of the combinations nutritious, they are extremely kid-friendly. Apparently, the person who created the blog said you can do over 2,000 lunch combinations with this one list. Pretty impressive.

Combination lunch ideas:

-Turkey and avocado sandwich, orange slices and a cookie

-Turkey Pesto rollup, cheese and crackers and granola bar

-Quesadilla, grapes and mini candy bar

Check out the grocery list here. 

Cookin' it up in the kitchen!

This food blog gives 25 creative, delicious recipes for every day of the month. From Mac & Cheese cups to pizza wrap sandwiches, these recipes are sure to be a hit with your kids in the cafeteria.

Some recipes to try:

-Cream cheese and Jelly recipes

-Extreme granola

-Mini frittatas

-BLTA wraps

-Homemade granola bars

Learn how to make these recipes and more here.

DIY Lunchables 

For those who have kids who are Lunchable lovers, this one is for you. This blog takes the base ingredients of Lunchables and puts a healthy spin on them.

Transforming the Lunchables tacos:

-flour or corn tortillas, salsa (any kind), shredded cheese, shredded lettuce, lean ground beef and toss in some fruit for a boost of nutrition.

Learn how to make more DIY lunchables here.