Camp Shelby steps up security after Tennessee attack

Camp Shelby steps up security after Tennessee attack

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The command staff at Camp Shelby has taken steps to increase security at its post, following last week's attack on two armed forces recruiting centers in Chattanooga, Tennessee that left five U.S. servicemen dead.

Col. Greg Michel, commander of Camp Shelby, said armed security personnel are now manning all entrances to the post. He also said the North Gate entrance has been closed indefinitely.

The moves are in response to Gov. Phil Bryant's executive order Monday, authorizing the Mississippi National Guard to arm full-time military personnel at military facilities.

Gov. Bryant also ordered the Guard to enhance existing security at those facilities.

"The only ingress and egress into Camp Shelby now is through the main gate, or the South Gate off of (Highway) 49," said Michel. "North Gate will be closed for the near future until force protection measures change. The East Gate remains operational. We talked about amending the hours there, but we do have annual training going on (and troops) use that gate quite frequently." 

Also as a response to the Tennessee attack, the National Guard Tuesday began the process of relocating National Guard recruiters from 10 offices across the state to more secure locations, such as armories.

Two of those offices in Hattiesburg were closed on Tuesday.

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