Blood Bowl: Donations help save Jones County resident in 2012

Blood Bowl: Donations help save Jones County resident in 2012

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - In May 2012, Jones County resident Katlyn Graham was involved in an ATV accident.

"The ATV flipped her on her side and landed on top of her," Tasha Shoemake, Graham's mother. "She was immediately knocked unconscious. All the emergency personnel came (and) she was actually pronounced dead on the scene, but they revived her."

The accident caused Graham to receive a traumatic brain injury.

"She was on ECMO, she had a trach, a feeding tube (and) she had a drain out of her head," Shoemake said.

After several months in the hospital, Graham was finally released. Today, more than three years since her accident, she is doing much better, though her brain injury did impact her motor skills.

"She can't lift her arms (so) writing is really hard for her and she's got a foot drop on one of her feet (from not) using her feet while she was out," said Shoemake. "She laid in a bed for three months straight. She couldn't even hold her head up the first time we set her up so she had to build all that muscle up; she went from like 123 pounds down to 89 pounds."

"I'm doing a lot better," Graham said.

Shoemake said her daughter had to receive a lot of blood while she was in the hospital.

"I know it's helped," Graham said.

"She wouldn't be here; she wouldn't be here with us. There's no way," Shoemake said.

Shoemake thanks everyone who helped with 5K runs, blood drives, fundraising events and most importantly with blood donations.

"Me and my family give blood all the time and my husband even gives double platelets and so it's just really important to go out. It doesn't take long at all and you never know it could be your family that it's saving," Shoemake said.

Graham is getting ready to start her senior year at South Jones High School. She said she looks forward to walking across the stage in May 2016.