School of Kinesiology Opens Cadaver Lab

School of Kinesiology Opens Cadaver Lab

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The following is a news release from The University of Southern Mississippi

The University of Southern Mississippi's School of Kinesiology is re-opening its cadaver lab for kinesiology doctoral students. Students pursuing their Ph.D. in kinesiology are using the space to study the inner workings of the human body.

The teaching space is located in the school's building and currently stores one cadaveric specimen. The lab was closed in spring 2003 due to inadequate facilities. Now, an existing 500 square feet space in the building has been retrofitted to accommodate cadaveric dissection.

Students in the summer 2015 semester section of HPR 831/L Gross Anatomy are the first to use the lab.

Dr. Trent Gould, associate dean of the College of Health and professor of kinesiology, instructs the course. "The kinesiology graduate faculty developed this course to give our doctoral students an intensive study of human morphology," said Gould. "Students study the osteology, myology, and neurology subdisciplines of anatomy as well as acquire hands-on dissection experience with cadaveric specimens."

Cody Bremner, who is pursuing a Ph.D. in kinesiology with an emphasis in biomechanics, said the lab improves his learning experience.

"As a doctoral student I have been studying kinesiology for eight years, but this is my first opportunity to participate in a cadaver lab," said Bremner. "This experience has enhanced my education, because my knowledge of anatomical structures is no longer based solely on 2D images from a textbook. This experience will make me a better teacher, researcher and athletic trainer."

Future plans for the lab include expanding the existing room to 800 square feet and renovating the space to allow study of up to four specimens, radiographic anatomy, and articulated/disarticulated bones.

"This foundational course will ensure our doctoral students are well-prepared scientists who are ready to enter the work force," said Gould.

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