Parents and teachers discuss high cost of school supplies

Parents and teachers discuss high cost of school supplies
Shoppers gear up for first day of school. Source; WDAM

PURVIS, MS (WDAM) - School supplies are expensive, and often the extra cost falls to teachers and parents.

Lamar County School Superintendent Tess Smith said her district has tried to keep cost down.

"We have tried over the years to reduce the list because we know it's difficult for parents," she said. "And just look back trough and say 'okay do we really need five glue sticks for the class or can I get by with two?' So we have tried to reduce those things for parents and for our students."

But parents on Seven on Your Side's Facebook said they still see long supply lists.

"I always feel like I'm supplying the school when I buy 50+ #2 pencils," Kristin Malone Dykes said. " I know for sure my kid will not use that in a school year, 6 glue sticks, 4 packs of 20 count crayons. I don't know it just seems a bit much. I definitely don't mind buying Kleenex, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies and such."

Other parents didn't feel they should be paying for cleaning supplies.

Nathaniel and Joni Simmons said, "I can understand the basics: pens, pencils, paper; but not cleaning supplies and teaching supplies such as Lysol and expo markers."

Smith said her district tries to keep costs low for parents without burdening the teachers.

“We do what we can to keep, you know, that off the parents, but I remember as being a classroom teacher that if you saw the need, you met the need," Smith said.
She also said that district taxes aren't enough to pay for all of a classroom's needs.

"We use every dime that we get on every student to, you know fund that classroom," Smith said. "From the teacher standing in the front of the room to the technology in the room to, you know, the bus that got them there that day. It takes every dollar."

She suggests looking for sales ads to find the best price for basics, like number two pencils.