Approximately 50 mailboxes vandalized in Wayne County

Approximately 50 mailboxes vandalized in Wayne County

WAYNE COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Three adults and two juveniles were arrested Monday for allegedly vandalizing approximately 50 mailboxes in Wayne County.

"Over the last seven to ten days we've received numerous calls of mailboxes being vandalized in the west part of the county," said Wayne County Sheriff's Department Investigator Jamey Beard.  

Beard said the mailboxes were vandalized with baseball bats. He said photos provided by residents and images caught on a game camera led to the arrest of the five individuals.

Justin Parnell, Sarah Cooley, Benjamin Kelly and two teenagers were charged with malicious mischief.  

"It was estimated about $2,500 in damage county-wide," said Beard. "We're estimating each mailbox $50 to $75 apiece."

The investigation is still ongoing in this case. Beard said some arrested may face felony charges.

"The really only answer that they would say was just no apparent reason at all just boredom and actually just seeking outrage and once they did it one time it kind of got addictive," said Beard.

Wayne County residents who recently had their mailboxes vandalized and have not reported the damage are asked to contact the Wayne County Sheriff's Department at 601-735-2323.

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