Hattiesburg police warn residents about new scam

Hattiesburg police warn residents about new scam
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HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - This is a news release from the Hattiesburg Police Department 

The Hattiesburg Police has received several complaints from people within the city who have advised they are receiving unsolicited calls from people identifying themselves as IRS employees.  The caller tells them there are taxes owed and they need to pay over the phone or federal agents will come to their residence and arrest them.

The caller is asking for the people to give them their debit card information to pay the bill.  The callers appear to have a foreign accent as well possibly Nigerian.  All of the people that have been called have been elderly.

The Police Department is working to make sure all of the citizens know about the scam and to make sure no one has fallen victim to the callers.  Again the IRS will not call you and ask for credit card information over the phone.  If someone calls you please do not give them any information over the phone.

In addition we had a city resident call and advise they received a call after hours about their water bill and was told they had to pay immediately over the phone or their water would be turned off immediately.  Again the City of Hattiesburg will not call and ask you to pay your bill over the phone.

The Hattiesburg Police Department would like to remind everyone to be very cautious of anyone calling and asking for your credit card information over the phone.