JCSD says new military equipment needed for crime-fighting

JCSD says new military equipment needed for crime-fighting

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The Jones County Sheriff's Department just purchased a Barrett .50 Caliber Rifle. This comes just two weeks after they acquired an armored vehicle.

"I think they're getting ready for war," said one resident.

"The Jones County Sheriff's Department is by no means trying to build a domestic army," said Major Jamie Tedford. "We're merely trying to get resources and have equipment in case something happens here in this county where we can protect the citizens of this county."

"I don't think they need them cause they got too much like there is," said another Jones County resident.  

Major Tedford said the $25,000 full size 4x4 vehicle and the approximately $8,000 semi-automatic sniper rifle were both purchased with drug seized money.

"You only see some of this equipment used in larger cities in the past," said Major Tedford. "Here's the deal, larger cities are not the only ones having issues anymore."

According to Tedford, the sheriff's department responded to 1,844 calls in a two week period. He said they just want to be prepared for anything and everything.

"Call volumes are going up, populations are increasing, violent crimes are increasing," Tedford said. "Why would you not prepare yourself? "

"I think they need all the equipment they can get with the devils in Jones County," said a resident.  

"If I can afford it, I'd have it too," said another resident. "Anything can happen. Terrorist attacks, anything. But we ready though, cause we strapped too."

"We're not here to try to scare them into thinking something bad is going to happen here," said Tedford. "All you have to do is look around and realize that bad is happening everywhere. Why not? Why not have this here to protect you and your children in case that we need to? That's all that we're wanting to do."

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