Hattiesburg man connected to upset renters in Florida

Hattiesburg man connected to upset renters in Florida

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A group of people in Orange County, Florida, had their electricity cut off Thursday after the property owner, who is from Hattiesburg, said he could not afford the utility bills.

Eli "Sarge" Jackson, who ran against United States Congressman Steven Palazzo in November 2014, said the property manager was not giving him the tenants' payments, therefore he "had no choice" but to tell the tenants, via notebook paper, to leave.

"I told them they got 15 days, but because I have a loving heart, I extend that 15 more days," Jackson told Seven On Your Side, just one day after his tenants in Eatonville, Florida, said they could not get in touch with him.

The residents received a handwritten notice on notebook paper in June that said, 'Because of lack of money, I will not be able to keep the place open,' giving them a warning that the power would be turned off on June 12. It was cut July 2, but some tenants, according to a report by WESH2 News in Orlando, have no place to go.

"A lot of people don't have nowhere else to go," one tenant told WESH2 News. "We're not going to sit here and just let him treat us any kind of way."

Jackson did not say what his plans were for the property, but he said a man near the complex was wanting to buy it for some time.

"I can't operate with no money, and I'm losing in the negative," Jackson said of not receiving any funds over the past two months. "It's just simple, commonsense business."