MDOT: Now is the time to prepare for hurricane season

MDOT: Now is the time to prepare for hurricane season

JACKSON, MS - This is a news release from MDOT 

July is here, and it is one month into Hurricane Season. Once a hurricane is tracked for landfall, everyone in its path should have a checklist for preparation. The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) has the information to help residents along the Gulf Coast and inland get started.
To begin, visit and download a copy of the 2015 Hurricane Evacuation Guide. The updated guide features vital information, from evacuation routes and contraflow information to contacts for emergency agencies such as the Mississippi Highway Patrol, American Red Cross, Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) and bordering state DOTs and law enforcement. There are phone numbers and websites for shelters/lodging, animal protection and other resources.

The website also features a hurricane survival kit checklist including items needed for water, food, household, healthcare and pets. A map is included for hurricane tracking, information resources are provided in the guide to get up to date information via social media and radio.

MDOT recommends having at least a two week supply of prescription drugs, a two week supply of vitamins, over the counter pain reliever, toiletries, hygiene items, First Aid Kits, sunscreen, mosquito repellant, plastic garbage bags and antibacterial soap. Along with these essential health items, think about pet needs. Non-perishable food, drinking water, identification and flashlights are also important items for any evacuation kit.

In addition to the survival checklist and the guide, the website provides tips on how to prepare homes for a hurricane at Do not get caught off guard this Hurricane Season. Start preparation plans and gathering evacuation materials today.

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