SLIDESHOW: 2015 Most & Least Patriotic States

SLIDESHOW: 2015 Most & Least Patriotic States

In honor of July 4, WalletHub released a study of 2015's most and least patriotic states. To identify the country's patriotic hotspots, the study compared 50 states using eight key metrics including military engagement, voting habits, civil education requirements, volunteer rates and number of veterans per capita.

Here are some key statistics from the study:

-Red states are more patriotic than blue states. Red states received an average ranking of 24.1 compared to 26.7 for blue states (1=Best).

-Alaska has twice as many veterans per 100,000 residents as New York.

-Utah residents are three times more likely to volunteer than people in Louisiana.

-Georgia's military enlistment rate is three times as high as North Dakota's.

-Voting rates were twice as high in Minnesota as in Arizona for the 2012 presidential election.

-Vermont has 23 times as many Peace Corps volunteers per 100,000 residents as Mississippi.

Click through our slideshow to see where Mississippi ranked in this study. 

To view the full report, click here.