Hattiesburg Fire Department shares firework safety tips

Hattiesburg Fire Department shares firework safety tips

HATTIESBURG, MS - The Hattiesburg Fire Department shared firework safety tips on Thursday to keep families safe this Fourth of July weekend.

"First off I want to say that it's against city ordinance to possess or use fireworks in the city," Fire Marshall Johnny Jackson said. "If you want to use fireworks, use extreme safety and parental supervision at all times. Do not pop firecrackers near homes, grassy areas, buildings or vehicles because the embers that are produced can cause a fire."

Jackson also said a fire extinguisher or bucket of water should be kept near the the fireworks as a precaution, but said to call 911 if there is a fire.

"Let us handle the hazard, and get out of the way," he said.

Jackson said sparklers can reach temperatures between 600 and 1,200 degrees and said to leave the bigger shows to the professionals.

"I urge you if you want to see a fireworks display, please go somewhere where an expert is putting on the display," Jackson said.

For more safety tips, visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission.