Today's Viewpoint: We Are Broadcasters

Today's Viewpoint: We Are Broadcasters
Please take a look at this commercial from the National Association of Broadcasters.
You may ask why we have been airing this commercial. Well, there are members of congress and those in the Federal Communications Commission who no longer have an appreciation for broadcast TV stations like WDAM. They think we are just one more channel in today’s 300–plus channel universe. Now we know this is untrue.
For example, the coverage provided during the services last month honoring the fallen officers Tate and Deen. It was our pleasure and priviledge to cover these memorials. It is local broadcasters both television and radio who tell the local stories in our communities.
We are here every day all year long. We live and work here and raise our families here. Cable channels like the Food Network, CNN, Fox News or the weather channel do not provide that local touch to our community. Maybe once in a while on some stories, but not every day. We hope that the government officials that control the fate of local broadcasters remember how important “being local” is to our community.
This is today's viewpoint.