Leakesville native serving with a U.S. Navy construction battalion

Leakesville native serving with a U.S. Navy construction battalion

GULFPORT, MS - This is a news release from U.S. Navy

A Leakesville, Mississippi native and 2009 Wayne County High School graduate is building bridges and roads around the world as a member of the U.S. Navy's Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 133, based in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Constructionman Marla Hogan is a builder with NMCB 133, a unit specializing in building structures in areas of conflict. Sailors attached to NMCB 133 and other similar units, nicknamed "Seabees," are a unique group in the Navy whose motto is "We build, we fight."

"Right now I am on the honor guard and funeral detail," said Hogan.

Seabees are trained as builders and fighters. They not only build bridges, roads, runways and other structures in war zones; they also defend those structures after they've built them.

Hogan and the rest of the sailors assigned to NMCB 133 are part of the Navy's construction force that has been around for more than 70 years. Seabees have built entire bases and bridges and bulldozed and paved thousands of miles of roadway and airstrips for the U.S. military all over the world, playing a vital role in every major conflict the U.S. has been involved with since World War II.

"We have a high morale and great camaraderie in the battalion," said Hogan.

With nearly 600 personnel assigned to the battalion, jobs are highly varied and every job plays an important role in keeping the battalion ready to deploy around the world to defend America wherever needed.

Hogan's commanding officer said she's proud of the hard work and dedication from the battalion over the past 12 months preparing for their next deployment.

"The Seabees in this battalion are some of the hardest working people you'll find in the Navy, willing to put themselves in harm's way to build in unstable areas and, when necessary, fight the enemy to defend it," said Cmdr. Miguel Dieguez, NMCB 133 Commanding Officer. "This group is devoted and ready to deploy around the world to advance the Nation's interests wherever we're needed."

Working with NMCB 133 and serving in the U.S. Navy, Hogan said she is learning about herself as a leader and person.

"I've been in the Navy for a little over a year and already earned two associates degrees. Now I'm working towards a bachelors degree," said Hogan.

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