EUROHA reunion kicks off in Hattiesburg, includes new school

EUROHA reunion kicks off in Hattiesburg, includes new school

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The 2015 EUROHA school reunion kicked off Tuesday with a new name and a new school joining the celebration.

The 15th annual reunion includes Hattiesburg High School students for the first time this year. Myrtis McFarland Brame, a 1962 graduate of Rowan, said she's looking forward to including Hattiesburg High graduates in the celebration.

"Before we had segregation, and now you can go to school any place you wish," McFarland Brame said. "So some of our students have attended Hattiesburg High, so they are pulled into the fold with the celebration. We're excited to have the "HA" on the end."

McFarland Brame has attended every reunion and says EUROHA is an important way to honor her past in Hattiesburg.

"It's important to know your history and to continue to refresh yourself on your history, so you can be guided to your future actions," McFarland Brame said. "We believe strongly in education, and we believe we got a good start in Hattiesburg."

Miriam Brown Jones, a Royal Street graduate, agreed.

"It's the respect, honor and care you have for those who suffer in order to get where you are," Brown Jones said. "Eureka, Royal Street and Rowan had some of the best teachers in the United States. I say that because there was no integration, and our teachers had to go to other states to get their education. They brought it back here for us, and they didn't have to do that."

McFarland Brame has also gotten her husband involved in the reunions, even though he's not from Hattiesburg and didn't attend high school here. Nick Brame says EUROHA is important because of its continual emphasis on education.

"The EUROHA experience has grown out of some hard things, but has turned into some good things because the great majority of EUROHA graduates have gone on to college and done exceptionally good things," Brame said.

Registration for the reunion is taking place from 10 a.m. to noon at Eureka Tuesday- Thursday. EUROHA events continue through Sunday, July 5.