Laurel’s YWCO celebrates America

Laurel’s YWCO celebrates America

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - With the 4th of July just around the corner, many in Laurel celebrated America just a few days early.

The Young Women's Christian Organization held their annual luncheon at their facility Tuesday.

Several members, residents and local officials stopped by the YWCO to celebrate our nation and to also enjoy some barbeque.

"We have a wonderful program designed to pay tribute to our veterans, pay tribute to individuals that are serving currently in the military and to celebrate being God fearing people in a free country," said YWCO Executive Director Sonya Maness-Turner.

Guest speaker to this year's event was retired judge Charles Pickering, Sr.

"American is an exceptional nation," said Pickering. "We rescued the world from tyranny in World War II and we did not claim one acre of the land that we took. The only land that we claimed was a place to bury our dead, now that's an exceptional nation and we should be proud of our heritage."

Pickering spoke to attendees on the attack by secularists on Christianity and the attack by Islam on America and Christianity.