Mississippi couple waiting anxiously for same sex marriage ruling

Mississippi couple waiting anxiously for same sex marriage ruling

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - A Laurel couple is anxiously waiting for a Supreme Court ruling on whether to legalize same sex marriage.

Amber Himlton and Annice Smith have been together for six years, and have been fighting for years for equal rights.

"That's my wife, we've been together a long time, our relationship is real, I shouldn't have to fight to prove that," Smith said.

The couple said for years they were living a lie.

"Having to lie and pretend everyday that I was somebody else, it was a lot," Himlton added.

If the Supreme Court rules in favor of same sex marriage, the couple said they're getting married immediately.

"I'm going to say I do, give my bride a kiss, and go home and celebrate with my family and friends," Himlton said.

They have a pastor waiting to perform their wedding.

"We've got everything lined up. We have people in places, you know strategically placed, and we have people all over the state strategically placed waiting to get married, and we have ministers waiting to perform same sex ceremonies," Pastor Brandiilyn Dear said.

If the Supreme Court decides against gay marriage, the couple said the fight for marriage equality must continue.

"I'm patient. It's going to happen, whether they want it to or not it's going to happen, the world is moving forward," Annice said.

"It's more than just marriage, it's dreams coming true," Pastor Dear added.