Local officers briefed on new laws

Local officers briefed on new laws
Hal Kittrell

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - Much of the legislation signed by the governor will go into law July 1, and that includes changes to criminal law.

Law enforcement from the 15th Circuit Court District were trained today on those new laws, with the help of members of the district attorney's office.

“We have a new laws session for all law enforcement," said District Attorney Hal Kittrell of 15th Circuit District. "So for three days, we go through all five counties to get all the agencies together so we can just keep them apprised of what the new laws are that will be coming into effect in July."

Kittrell and his staff offer six sessions of the class that is offered to any and all kinds of law enforcement personnel in their district.

“One (of) the biggest changes this year is dealing with capital murder," Kittrell said. "They have amended the capital murder section, and its timely in fact of what they have done now effective July 1. You kill more than three people in a single incident, its now characterized as capital murder. Before it had not been that, but it is now capital murder."

Other new laws that Kittrell listed include the texting and driving law, as well as the voyeurism law, both of which go into effect July 1.

“We are very glad that all of the personnel attend and participate in the classes," Kittrell said. "It is to benefit them and us as well (and) to be sure we are all on the same page."