Mississippi store seeing boost in Confederate sales

Mississippi store seeing boost in Confederate sales

SEMINARY, MS (WDAM) - While several major retailers such as Walmart, Target and Sears have pulled Confederate flag themed merchandise from their shelves, in Seminary, Mississippi, Flag Heads said one can find the memorabilia there.

"We're staying the same and we're ordering as much of it as we can get," said Shay Parker, Flag Heads employee. "We're stocking up until we can't get no more."

Parker said they have seen a boost in sales since the debate over the Confederate emblem.

"The phones have been blowing up people wanting to know if we got the Confederate flags," Parker said. "Every time we turn around the parking lots been full because of the fact of what's going on."

Customers at the flag store said they do not believe the symbol should be banned.

"I think it's a bunch of bull," said customer Gene West. "For one man just cause he did what he did, which is definitely wrong for them to punish everybody else about it, I don't think that's right."

Since the national concern, many have stopped by the store to purchase a few state and confederate flags.

"I like the history of the war, I don't necessarily like what the war stood for, but it's something about that war that was a part of our history and it did change things regardless," said customer Frank Glenn.

Until a decision is made on the confederate emblem, the store said they will continue to stock up and sell the merchandise.