New flight school takes off in Hattiesburg

New flight school takes off in Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Majestic Aviation of Hattiesburg held its grand opening of their new Cessna Pilot Center located at the Hattiesburg Bobby Chain Airport.

This premier flight school is the first of its kind in the Hattiesburg area and one of only two in the state.

The center will provide aviation pilot training from beginners to advanced pilot training. Students can complete a four-year degree in aviation without leaving the Hattiesburg area. The training is hands on, designed to take the student from the ground to the air, which will put the student in the cockpit within the first few classes.

The Cessna Pilot Center operates in connection to Liberty University and Kansas State University and the students get college credit upon the completion of each FAA rating obtained. Some of the advantages of flying with Cessna Pilot Center include:

· Exclusive access to Cessna's online student record management, tracking the student's training each step of the way.

· Instruction in new and well-maintained Cessna aircraft.

· Faster completion times and higher success rates.

The Cessna Flight Training System produces well-trained pilots via their Cessna Sport/Private Pilot Course. Their scenario-based interactive instruction programs, available through Cessna Pilot Centers, work cooperatively with each student's flight experience, allowing them to prepare for the next stage of their training.

Cessna Pilot Center students earn their wings around 30 percent faster than the national average. Statistics show a large shortage of pilots in the near future and Majestic Aviation is trying to bridge that gap. Their program offers the entry-level sports pilot to professional pilot's airline rating.

Owner Glen Pace and David Dearman invite the public to experience the world of aviation with the help of the Cessna Pilot Center. Bobby Chain Airport is located at 29 Academy Drive in Hattiesburg. For additional information: 601-261-5004 or visit their website at