Laurel legend Akeem Davis leads inaugural AD47 academy

Laurel legend Akeem Davis leads inaugural AD47 academy

Giving back to your community is one of the primary goals for athletes that make it to the professional level and Laurel legend Akeem Davis attained that Saturday morning Between the Bricks.

The inaugural AD 47 Football Leadership Academy kicked off at the historic venue for more the 50 kids with ages ranging from eight to twelve.

"Football is just the honey that attracts the bees, man. I'm an athlete. They listen to athletes and I'm fortunate enough to be on a stage to where the Lord has blessed me with an ability and I want to use that ability to go and give back to these guys," Davis said.

Spots for the event filled up in less than a minute once the link was posted online and with the help of fellow Washington Redskins teammate Dasman McCullum and several others, Davis said this camp is more than just X's and O's.

"I just hope they take the four pillars man, what AD 47 stands for," Davis said. "I hope they (are) great citizens of society man and that falls under character. I hope they have great leadership. I hope they have great discipline. I hope they (are) great followers, not only great leaders, but great followers of the right thing. I just hope they're able to finish everything they do and I hope they be able to follow through and I hope they'll be able to finish and not only finish, but finish at a high level."

The camp was approved by the NFL and sanctioned under USA football.