Father's Day Miracle: Daughter finds dad she thought was dead

Father's Day Miracle: Daughter finds dad she thought was dead

WAYNESBORO, MS (WDAM) - Cindy McKay was only 10-years-old when she was told her father had died. She said she was shown an obituary, and never thought anything different.

Fast forward to last year. McKay said she was scrolling through Facebook when she saw the profile of Bruce Edward McCarty Senior.

"I messaged him and asked him if he was related to anyone in my family," said McKay. "I told him who my father was, and if he knew him to tell him that I was his daughter."

Little did she know, the man she was messaging was her father.

"For 25 years, I thought he was dead," said McKay. "He thought all this time that I wanted nothing to do with him."

McKay said that for the past 365 days, her father has driven through Laurel every Tuesday where they meet at a Huddle House to catch up on lost time.

"When you have never had that father's love, you just don't realize how wonderful it is," said Mckay while choking back tears.

McKay will spend her first Father's Day with McCarty this year, which just so happens to also be his birthday.

McKay wanted to share some advice for those who may be searching for an estranged parent.

"I love my daddy. Don't ever give up on hope on those that you have lost," said McKay." They could be out there looking for you just like you were looking for them."