Lamar volunteer fire departments to receive wildfire kits

Lamar volunteer fire departments to receive wildfire kits

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Six Lamar County volunteer fire departments will receive kits for fighting wildfires.

With the summer months and intense heat an issue for the Pine Belt, fire officials deal with issues of brush and grass fires spreading rapidly.

The Volunteer Fire Assistance National Fire Plan Grants came in the form of Wildland Ready Kits, which can be worth up to $2,000 and be matched with an additional $2,000.

"The forestry commission is making the match, so it's a $4,000 grant that we don't have any money in and it is really going to help out a lot," said Lamar County Fire Coordinator George Stevens.

The kits, known as Wildland Ready Kit contains Nomex coveralls, helmets, boots goggles, headlamps, neckshrouds, gloves, fire shelter, council rakes, fire flap and other hand tools for up to 10 firefighters.

"It will provide protection to the firefighters and also provide the proper tools they need to help contain wildfires," said Stevens.

According to Stevens, Beaver Lake, Pine Ridge, Purvis, Rock Hill, Southeast Lamar and Sumrall volunteer fire departments were awarded the kits.

"The worst incident we have had for a firefighter getting hurt in Lamar County was actually a wildfire, he was in the hospital in intense care for a while, so wildfires can be very dangerous," said Stevens.