Annual Blueberry Jubilee festival held in Poplarville

Annual Blueberry Jubilee festival held in Poplarville

Downtown Poplarville was filled with blueberries Saturday for the annual Jubilee Festival.

It's the city's signature festival where thousands come out for a variety of blueberries and a good time.

The festival featured music and activities for kids.  It kicked off Saturday morning with a 5K run.

Carol Lund has attended the festival for nearly 30 years.

"We are from Mandeville but i grew up in Poplarville so we try to come back as often as we can and we love seeing how the blueberry festival has grown," Lund said.

Mayor Brad Necaise said the festival is always a main attraction and a big boom for the local economy.  

"The economic impact is something that we depend on, we generate ten-thousand people, i estimate probably 15-thousand dollars in sales tax throughout the entire day which obviously with our city diversion that's important to our economic sustainability here," Mayor Necaise said.