Mississippi job seekers allegedly scammed out of work in Iowa

Mississippi job seekers allegedly scammed out of work in Iowa

WAYNESBORO, MS (WDAM) - Job seekers from the Pine Belt area traveled nearly 18 hours to Sioux City Iowa for a contract job, but the work never began.

Sierra Stokes of Waynesboro said when she applied for the job, she was told that she could make nearly $2500 per week to help clean and dispose dead birds that were possibly infected with bird flu.

Stokes said they were also promised that their hotel expenses would be covered along with a $30 per day for living expenses. She said she and other workers were left stranded.

“A lot of people were sleeping in their cars, trying to scrape up money to take a shower or anything, just to have somewhere to stay," Stokes said. "They told us to keep receipts because they're  going to pay for gas and food, but nothing was taken care of."

Stokes said after three weeks of living out of hotels while waiting for work, she decided to drive back home.

Seven on your side reached out to the person responsible for recruitment, and he told us that there was a big misunderstanding.  He said he would have someone contact us to clarify the situation. We have yet to hear anything back. Stay tuned to WDAM.com for updates as they become available.

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