June 9 forecast, hit and miss storm tomorrow

June 9 forecast, hit and miss storm tomorrow
WDAM Weather

Good afternoon, friends! The thunderstorms rolled in about four hours early this morning and really put a wrench in the forecast. This afternoon, cumulus clouds have been slow to develop as most of us have spent a vast majority of the daylight hours under a deck of stratus clouds.

As we clear things out with a few hours of sunlight, we may see a few storms try to develop. Latest guidance is suggesting outflow from storms this morning may spark a cluster of storms shortly after dinner but everything will remain below severe levels.

Tomorrow, I still think we will be mainly dry. Hit and miss shower and a few storms, but most of the action will be pretty isolated. Highs will be in the mid 80s.

Thursday we'll bounce back into a decent shot for storms. Again nothing severe. Afternoon highs in the 80s.