Hub City firemen question alleged improper pay

Hub City firemen question alleged improper pay

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Some firemen with the Hattiesburg Fire Department are questioning the city about being improperly paid under a city ordinance.

Two firemen- one active, the other retired- addressed the Civil Service Board Monday, saying the city's HAVPAY ordinance has not compensated them and other officers for things such as career development pay and step pay.

The active fireman showed pay documents and city ordinance attachments to the board, claiming the city was paying the firemen based on a out-dated scale from 2007.

In a city council meeting in March, the council amended the portion of the HAVPAY ordinance that dealt with the mayor's power to make budgetary changes. At that meeting, the mayor and chief financial officer were asked to update the attachments, but none were made when the story was last reported.

Hattiesburg's Division Manager of Human Resources and Payroll Gena Hopkins also addressed the Civil Service Board Monday, explaining there is confusion with what HFD requested versus what they are owed. She defended the employees' pay, saying they have been paid properly now and in the past under other chiefs.

Follow-up questions for clarification of claims made in Monday's meeting were not answered by Hopkins or the firemen, due to an e-mail Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree issued Friday, disallowing city employees to interview with WDAM.

The Civil Service Board said they would submit recommendations to the city council, mayor and city attorney by the next council meeting, which is June 16.