June 8 forecast, hit and miss showers all week

June 8 forecast, hit and miss showers all week
WDAM Weather

Good afternoon, everyone! The weather story is the return of the "summer time" storms.

For tomorrow, passing showers and storms as a weak cold front sags across the area and falls apart. Storms that develop will also have a tendency to kick up a fair amount of outflow. That will likely start other storms, too. Look for tomorrow to be a pretty gray, rainy, and thundery day. Afternoon highs will be around 90.

Wednesday, afternoon storms will again be likely. These will, again, be of the summer time variety. That means predicting when and where they will form is almost impossible. If you have afternoon plans, just make sure you can duck inside in case a storm is near you. Most of these storms won't last more than 45 minutes, so it shouldn't ruin an entire afternoon. Highs will be in the mid to upper 80s.

Almost a carbon copy on Thursday. Friday we will be a tad drier.