New Products Now Available for Teachers of Students with Dyslexia

New Products Now Available for Teachers of Students with Dyslexia

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The following is a news release from The University of Southern Mississippi

Teachers, speech-language pathologists, dyslexia specialists and other professionals who work with individuals with dyslexia/specific learning disabilities in reading now have access to a new product to aid in the remediation of dyslexia.

The DuBard School for Language Disorders at The University of Southern Mississippi released today (June 3) the Language Enhancement and Achievement Program (LEAP), a program for students who struggle with reading, writing and spelling.

LEAP is a modified DuBard Association Method® curriculum designed for students with challenges in reading, spelling and/or written language (dyslexia), or who exhibit difficulty rhyming, sounding out words, and blending sounds into words. LEAP's highly specialized multisensory curriculum allows the student to quickly progress through sound-symbol associations and key skills. LEAP goes directly to the problem, teaching the most critical skills to gain maximum results.

LEAP was piloted and has been used at the DuBard School for six years, and internal research shows the program's effectiveness. On average, students diagnosed with a reading disability improved their ability to read unfamiliar words by 64 percent after 48 hours of instruction (one semester).

"We're happy to bring this product to market because we know it will save teachers and therapists valuable time while providing quality services to students," said DuBard School director Dr. Maureen Martin. "We took what we've been working on for six years and put it in a convenient package, allowing therapists to get right to work and spend less time creating and organizing materials."

The LEAP product provides the teacher or therapist the documents needed to implement the program – the therapist/teacher manual, curriculum, PowerPoints for introduction of new material, lesson plans, student books pages, and all of the forms such as informal tests and homework charts. Sold in a digital format, users can complete documents digitally or on paper. The digital format allows therapists to use the program for multiple clients.

"LEAP is a multisensory program that is straightforward, beautifully organized, and the lessons are easy to follow," said Sarah McGrew, a dyslexia therapy master's student who has been teaching LEAP for the past year. "The way in which it incorporates the DuBard Association Method® perfectly teaches the skills needed for children or adults with dyslexia."

In addition to purchasing the disc, professionals can also purchase a complete instructional set that includes supplemental materials needed to implement the program such as flash cards, student practice pages and more.

LEAP is recommended to be used by individuals who have had professional preparation to do so, such as completing the Basic Course in the DuBard Association Method®. LEAP is only available to purchase through The University of Southern Mississippi bookstore. To learn more,