Landmark snowball stand popular for generations

Landmark snowball stand popular for generations

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Snugly located on the corner of West Florence St. and Adeline St. in Hattiesburg, Alpine Snow, probably better known as the "Green Snowball Stand", has been a staple in the Hattiesburg area for roughly 50 years.

"I purchased it from the original owner over 20 years ago, and this building has been here probably 50 years," said Mike Phillips, owner of Alpine Snow. "We've had weekends where they have the Euro reunion, and I'll hear ladies squealing as they get out of their car; coming up to get a snowball. They'll say, 'oh I live in Chicago, oh I live in Los Angeles, and we came around the corner and it's still here.' They grew up here, eating snowballs from this snowball stand.

"Many locals that grew up here are now bringing their children, and they enjoy them as well," Phillips said. "Sometimes our lines are about as long as they can be out in the parking lot."

Lines fueled by flavors such as "Rock Candy", "Blue Hawaiian", "Wedding Cake", and "Fuzzy Navel", just to name a few. For indecisive customers, flavors can be mixed and matched, with various add-ins such as cream topping.

"I've been coming here about 5 or 6 years, and it's one of the best parts of the summer," said Hattiesburg customer, Juanita Wilson. Her favorite snowball is a mixed variety. "Strawberry and Pineapple; you can't beat it," she added.

The snowball stand opens in March, wraps up the season in October, and is operational everyday except Sunday. With a hot summer ahead, many people enjoy the flavored shaved ice as I time to bond with family and friends while cooling off.

"We come every other week, as much as we can," said Jim Prout, a Petal customer getting a snowball with his 10 year old son. "When it's warm outside, we come to get a snowball, and this is the best one in town. We've been coming here at least 8 or nine years."