SLIDESHOW: State hourly wages needed to rent a two-bedroom apartment

SLIDESHOW: State hourly wages needed to rent a two-bedroom apartment

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Hourly wages in each state vary, but have remained stagnant at best.

Pew Research Center reported that 30 percent or 21 million working Americans earn a near-minimum-wage salary. With rising rent costs and a minimum-wage salary, a majority of the U.S. workforce is in a lose-lose situation, especially in areas with swelling rent costs such as California, New York and D.C.

According to the research, fewer people can afford to buy homes today than they could before the recession. Data reflects that rent keeps rising because of the demand for rentals.

According to The Atlantic City Lab's compilation of reports, an average American needs to earn $19.35 to afford rent on a two-bedroom apartment. This wage is 2.5 times the federal minimum wage.

The reports also concluded that renting a one-bedroom is insurmountable because workers would have to earn $15.50 an hour. 

In the slideshow above, one can view the projected state hourly wage an American worker would have to earn to rent a two-bedroom apartment, under the assumption the person split the rent with a room mate.

In higher-rent areas, one would have to earn more than $20 an hour. The National Low Income Housing Coalition found that a person earning minimum wage cannot afford such an apartment at market rent in any state. 

What is your state's projected state hourly wage for a two-bedroom apartment? Click through our photo gallery to find out. 

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