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Young swimmers learn water safety at local YMCA

Petal YMCA Petal YMCA
Petal YMCA Petal YMCA

Young Swimmers at the YMCA are getting a boost of confidence in the pool while also enjoying their time at summer camp.

Summer camp at the Petal YMCA features a swim test that makes sure kids are able to control their breathing, have strong swim strokes, and can stay above the water while having some fun.

“We try to make sure they stay as safe as possible during their swim time and also have as much fun as they possibly can,” said Zachary-Scott Neal, lifeguard at the Petal YMCA. “One of the things we do to ensure they stay as safe as possible is the swim tests and they consist of about a 15 yard swim. We want to see how well, and how capable the child is of actually breathing and controlling the strokes, to swim and stay above the water.”

“One of the things I recommend for children learning how to swim is floating,” Neal said. “Floating is a big component in that first step in learning how to swim. When a child learns how to float, they learn essentially how to remain buoyant, remain in the water, and not panic. When a child can lay on their back and float, they don't have to worry about whether they are going to sink.”

The YMCA is also offering one hour classes on water safety each Saturday in June from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

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