Emergency Management District hosts hazard emergency preparedness plan

Emergency Management District hosts hazard emergency preparedness plan

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Emergency Management District held a meeting with city officials from Hattiesburg and Petal along with local officers and military members to discuss the Hazard Emergency Preparedness Plan in lieu of the current hurricane season.

"We will be talking about the projected forecast for hurricane season this year. We're going to have all the government entities from Forrest County, City of Hattiesburg, City of Petal, Fire Department, Police Department, and EMS. We're just going to all come together, go over our preparedness plan, and make sure we're ready for the hurricane season."

The meeting was held to clarify communications and preparations for a natural disaster.

Presented items include emergency information sites, a hurricane evacuation map, and methods for financial claims after a natural disaster.

"The main thing the public needs to do is just prepare ahead of time and be knowledgeable that hurricane season is here," said Glen Moore, executive director of the Emergency Management District. "Once a storm is out there, keep up with where it's predicted to go. The main thing is to have a disaster kit. Prepare for being able to sustain themselves for 3 days without power, you know, water. Have food supplies , have batteries, you know, there's numerous places to go online, to see exactly everything you need to have in your disaster response kit."