Mississippi Polymer Institute Named Madison Career and Technical Center’s Business Partner of the Year

Mississippi Polymer Institute Named Madison Career and Technical Center’s Business Partner of the Year

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The following is a news release from The University of Southern Mississippi

The Mississippi Polymer Institute has received the "Madison Career and Technical Center's Business Partner of the Year" award for 2014-2015.

MPI and The University of Southern Mississippi's School of Polymers and High Performance Materials work closely with and in support of the 11 polymer science high school programs throughout Mississippi.

MPI and SPHPM partner with and support the state's programs by assisting in student recruiting and retention efforts, providing teachers' continuing education, keeping teachers and students abreast of new technologies and processes, and implementing new programs throughout the state.

The two-year high school level polymer science program offers an excellent opportunity for students to gain a starting foundation of knowledge in high performance materials technology, science, and engineering. It also prepares and trains Mississippi's future workforce in various high tech fields. The programs are intended to train high school students in cutting edge materials science and are in support of a combined role towards economic development efforts to attract and retain high tech companies to Mississippi.

"Kim Luck, (MPI Business Development Analyst) along with the Mississippi Polymer Institute, is a valuable resource and is a very supportive resource. Our high school polymer science programs appreciate the close contact and availability Kim extends and encourages," said Crystal Smith, Program Instructor, Madison Career and Technical Center. "We polymer science instructors feel very comfortable contacting her.

"Once contacted, Kim does her best to solve problems, answer any questions, or always gives us encouragement. Her time with USM and MPI demonstrates to our programs that she really supports the growth and development of high school polymer science programs. It is with pleasure that Madison Career and Technical Center and I present Kim Luck, MPI, as our 2015 Business Partner of the Year."

Participating Mississippi high schools in the polymer science program include: Hancock County, Pascagoula High School, Moss Point High School, Petal High School, Hattiesburg High School, Presbyterian Christian High School, Marion County, Brookhaven High School, Simpson County, Madison County, and Alcorn County.

The Mississippi Polymer Institute is the outreach service for The School of Polymers and High Performance Materials at The University of Southern Mississippi. Its mission is to utilize its capabilities, along with those of the School of Polymers and High Performance Materials, to support the growth of high tech businesses across Mississippi.

For more information on MPI, the School of Polymers & High Performance Materials, or The University of Southern Mississippi, please visit www.thepolymerinstitute.com,www.usm.edu/polymers, and www.usm.edu.