National organization ranks WCU as "Hidden Gem"

National organization ranks WCU as "Hidden Gem"

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A national organization which helps students find the right college says William Carey University is among the top schools in the nation and is a "hidden gem."

College Raptor, Inc. says WCU stands out because of strong academics and student success.

The university recently made the organization's list of the top 49 best colleges and universities from across the U.S. The rankings focus attention on smaller institutions that may often be overlooked by students.

"It's not just that we know we're a great university, objectively, they're looking at various criteria and they're saying indeed, William Carey University is an excellent school," said Scott Hummel, executive vice-president and provost of William Carey University.

The list was compiled using application and enrollment data, along with graduation rates, student-to-faculty ratio and other factors.